Photo What if you went on travel with only a backpack ?

What if you went on travel with only a backpack ?

What if you went on travel with only a backpack ?

Backpacking is a form of traveling which consists of spending less but making the most out of your trip. You might find it difficult to travel with only a backpack, especially if you are used to living in the city. This is because in the city, you tend to change clothes frequently, you wear different kinds of shoes, and worry about what to eat every day.

In contrast, when you set out on a backpacking adventure, your way of life is completely different.

What to put in your backpack?

When you go backpacking, you need to carefully plan what to bring in your backpack. In fact, you have to limit your luggage to the bare minimum. In other words, you need to bring only the necessary basic items including your tent if you sleep outdoor. Here are some helpful ideas to help you pack correctly.

For yourself

  • Bring a change of clothing or two, with a warm jacket.
  • If you go to the rainforest, you need a raincoat and a rain hat. You might also bring an umbrella.
  • Bringing spare shoes might make your luggage too heavy. Instead, bring a pair of sandals, which is more practical.

For the night

It might not be necessary to bring so many gadgets for the night outing. Instead, choose a phone with multiple functions, which can have applications, like a camera, a compass, a flashlight, and a GPS. You can save a lot of space by bringing a phablet or even a thick phone with super big batteries. With the thick phone, the big batteries last longer. You can do without a charger for about a week.

For the outdoor activities

Items for the outdoor activities may vary according to the weather and to the backpacking site. Here are some ideas:

  • Mosquito lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen or sun lotion
  • A cap or a hat
  • Sunglasses

For washing

When backpacking, it is advisable to choose a multi-purpose shower gel, which can be used for your hair and your body. This will reduce your luggage. Also, do not forget to bring soap for your laundry during the backpacking. Since you bring a limited number of clothes, it is necessary to wash them from time to time.

  • Bring a medium-sized towel to dry yourself after the shower.
  • Do not forget your toothbrush. It is more practical to bring a short-handle toothbrush, which has a cover. As for the toothpaste, it is better to bring the small-sized one.

For the expenses

It is not advisable to bring a lot of cash. Limit your cash to cover only what you really need to buy. Instead, it is safer to bring a credit card, that you use only when you have to withdraw money.

For your meals

  • Bring a spoon, a fork, and a Swiss knife. These utensils might be useful if you eat fruits or a pot of yogurt.
  • Bring a lighter because you may need to make some fire while backpacking in the jungle.

Further recommendations

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